Friday, June 5, 2009

The truth behind MMORPG newbs

Newbie (also said as noob or newb) is a slang term for a newcomer to online gaming or an internet activity.

Almost every online game has it, and they cover almost 20% population of the game itself, the other 65% are casual players and the remaining 15% are considered pros. What does this stats means? well most of the time in every ten people you would come across in game, there's a big chance that you'll end up having a conversation with a newb or two, here's some classic scenario, you're having a short walk in a big city in game then suddenly someone asks trade with you, what do you do? well either you ignore him which would make it worst because he'll be to annoying sending tells or pm's begging, or you wake up on the right side of the bed and gave him a bit of what he's asking for. The problem is after you thought its over another newb comes along and doing the same thing which make it more annoying. I guess everyone would agree that most of us have experienced the said situation. So can it be stopped? the reality is, it cant be, but it can be lessen. Newbs do try not to beg for something for it can be too annoying for other people especially when your spamming or flooding messages, keep in mind that they did put a lot of time and effort on whatever riches they have on them. They could be be saving some money for items or something much important than giving it to some annoying stranger like you. And instead of wasting 2 to 4 hours begging, try to put an effort on using forums about the game (don't know a good site for forums? then search engine sites are your best friend) that way, not only did you learned something better than what you already have, you also give other people one less newb to worry about. And for the gamers out there, instead of feeding a newb by flaming or cursing him, try to be a good person once in while, who knows he could be that fairy godmother dressed in a newb giving free cookies on holidays. The thing is, newbs are here to stay and there's nothing we could do to keep them away, but keep in mind, once upon a time you were a little noob running around in cities asking for some help too.